Learning & Education
ASLEF Education crestFREE Distance Learning Courses
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Information, Advice and Guidance
  • Lean Organisation Management Techniques
  • Principles of Customer Service
  • Principles of Team Leading
  • Introducing Caring for Children and Young People
  • Understanding Autism
  • Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities
  • Understanding Behaviour that Challenges
  • Understanding Nutrition and Health
  • Awareness of Mental Health Problems
  • Working with People with Mental Health Needs
  • Safe Handling of Medication
  • Principles of End of Life Care
  • Understanding the Care and Management of Diabetes
  • Principles of Dementia Care
  • Customer Service for Health and Social Care Settings
  • Principles of Care Planning
  • Dignity and Safeguarding in Adult Health and Social Care
  • Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings
  • Common Health Conditions
  • Certificate in Counselling Skills - New
  • Principles of Business Administration
These courses are free of charge as long as you complete within the 12-week timeframe, are over 19 years old and are in employment. On completing the course, you will gain a NCFE level 2 qualification. The courses are done in your own time and at a time that suits you. You will be linked with a tutor to support you through the course should you need it. The tutor will be happy to support you by email, telephone and depending on your location you may also be able to have face to face support. These courses are open to ASLEF members, family and friends.
Speak to your ULR for more details:

Learning Resources

We should soon be able to provide learners with instant handouts of publications, such as Language CDs, Lanquage books, English, Maths and other learning materials. The plan is to hold stock of these items and be able to respond quicker to Learners needs. I will update you when the stock has arrived.

Many thanks

Daniel Rice
ASLEF Union Learning Representitive

learn something New and start a course

Courses are now Avaliable for distant learning with the addition of a new course, please take some time to study the list on the ULR page and poster in the drivers mess room.
In you are interested in starting one of these courses please email me your details and the name of the course that you are looking to start.

All these courses are FREE you just have to start and finish them!

Daniel Rice
Union Leraning Representative

Quick Read

I have discovered a series of 12 Quick Read Books,
and have purchased them from my own money in the hope
to inspire people to read, read more or just fill some
time during their breaks.
Please feel free to pick up and read these titles and ensure you return them after, as I will find it hard to replace them.
Hope you all make use of and enjoy this resource.

Fraternally yours,

Daniel Rice
Union Learning Representative

Language Courses

Holiday season is here and following up on recent requests there may be some language courses in the format of CDs and books available, please email me your request with a postal address and I will do my best to enquire for you. I can't promise anything as I believe there is a limited supply so will be on a First come first served basis and may take a couple of weeks to dispatch.

Fraternally yours

Daniel Rice
Union Learning Representative

707 Training.

Aslef now has to track all training undertaken by drivers as part of their continued professional development (CPD) and have to be able to show evidence that this is being done.
It was carried out by the company to begin with but over the last few years has become part of the ULR role. I will be approaching all trained 707 drivers and asking them to complete a couple of simple forms, I thank you all in advance and appreciate your support in this matter.

Fraternally yours

Daniel Rice
Union Learning Representative